Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Dierks Inspires From Big White to Bad Angel

In August 2007, DB Congress rep Shelly, was seven months pregnant, "...sweating my booty off at an outdoor Dierks Bentley concert in Texas--anything for Dierks!"  She met Dierks that day and shared her photo with us.

Shelly had a girl and named her Kinley.  "I used to put headphones over my belly and let her listen to Dierks (and Miranda).  And now when we get in the car she usually requests Dierks...these days it’s, 'Mommy, I want Bad Angel.'  So cute coming from a three-year-old!"  "Dierks is the best!", Shelly says.

Thanks for sharing, Shelly!

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  1. What a sweet guy he is...the best. He and Cass are going to be great parents. I am sure the grandaparents will be around a lot to help out when they can. I am so happy for them all.I cannot wait to see a picture of Evie with her little sister...