Sunday, April 10, 2011

Dierks Discusses 'Diamonds' as Centerpiece for New Album

Dierks Bentley discusses his new upcoming album with Doug Pullen from Pulse.  Regarding his current single, "Am I The Only One," Dierks says, "It's a party anthem, appropriate for a tour sponsored by a liqueur consumed by the shot glass. "I'm finding out quickly every night that I am not the only one who wants to have fun."

After the last album, "Up On The Ridge," had a hard time breaking into the top 20 at radio, Dierks' next album, due out in August, will be more commercialized and radio-friendly.

He's thinking of calling it "Diamonds" for his new song "Diamonds Make Babies."

"For me," he said, "it's about girls in general, the years trying to put a diamond on a girl's finger ... and what happens after, like having babies. It's the centerpiece of the album."

The new record is "based on where I am in life" as a musician, husband and father of two daughters, ages 2 and 3 months. "I get on the bus every night with the guys in the band and play video games and guitars and drink beer and go to parties where people yell and I act like an idiot," he said. But Bentley said he was "lucky to marry a girl I had a crush on in the eighth grade (Cassidy Black) and have two beautiful little girls. I really feel like it all works its way into the music."

For Bentley, doing a rockin' tour after a bluegrass-flavored album makes perfect sense.

"I'm kind of yin and yang. I do one thing long enough and I want to do something else, so the amps are cranked up to 11, we're loud and rocking. The show is sponsored by Jager," he said. "But we break it down in the middle of the show, that's why it's great to have "Ridge," because we can break out the acoustic bass and banjos."

Read the whole article here: Dierks Bentley country star headlines show at the Inn of The Mountain Gods By Doug Pullen / For Pulse


  1. I love this new music that Dierks is doing, too. UOTR will always have a very special place in my heart and not many albums do. But when he sang, Am I The Only was like hell yea...what a song..the very first time I heard it I knew it was a great song, that does not alway happen with new stuff..I was lucky enough to hear it live for the first time and the crowd went buck wild over it..Dierks had this huge grin on his face..he knew he had something great there...Not many artists can jump from UPOTR to songs like Am I The Only One and Diamonds Make Babies and their fans are still just as thrilled with their music...I mean he takes his fans with him in many directions and we all love it..the ride is supreme with Dierks...I do not ever see a time when I am no longer a Dierks fan....I have to stay around just to see what he will do next. I appreciate that he has a wonderful wife who shares her man with us like she does. I know being at home with a 2yr old and an infant can be a lot of work and we are out there just having a blast listening to your husband. Thank you, Cass, from the bottom of my heart...I think you deserve a special award for being such a great wife. I believe you are the rock that holds Dierks together. Maybe the awards show should give you wives an cannot be easy being married to a man on the road so much. So kudos to you, Cassidy, this 57yr old grandmother has so much fun at your husband's concerts! I cannot wait to hear the entire CD...I hope he somehow brings it out before August. I also hope he has some quality time with you and the girls on his days off during this tour. I know he needs to keep his face and music out there but sometimes I would be happy knowing he is home with you all for a good stretch of time, too. Let's face it the fact is that YOU are the reason he is happy more than his music!!

  2. Couldn't agree with you more Becky from this 62 year old grandmother who gets to shake your thing every now and then. I enjoy taking my daughter and grandchilden when the right concert comes along because we are all fans.