Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Up On the Ridge On The 9513

Dierks Bentley's Up On The Ridge album lands the #1 spot on the 9513's best bluegrass of 2010 list, but not without some comments questioning that decision.  Check out the article and the comments.  I had to leave my thoughts in defense of our president! 

I applaud and whole-heartedly agree with Dierks Bentley’s album placing at #1. Considering it held the #1 spot on the bluegrass charts nearly every week consecutively since it’s June 2010 release and produced 3 CMA and 3 Grammy nominations, I’d say that’s plenty of validation.

While it’s true Dierks himself stops just short of calling it Bluegrass, it was definitely not a “safe” project. Musical and lyrical diversity shines throughout and pushes boundaries he’s never attempted before. The instrumentation alone screams bluegrass, and in my opinion, his vocals have never been better.

What are your thoughts?

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  1. This album is one of the finest piece of music ever made in any genre..I love every track. I felt that Dierks put everything he had in this album. I have relatives that do not like country at all, let alone blue grass. I got phone calls from a few asking me about Bad Angel..they could not believe some country star made such a great song..I told them listen to the rest of the album and you will be shocked at how great it is. There is not a track on this album that I would call less than great. Each song has it's own way of getting to you. I listen to it quite often. I have three copies, one for house, one for my car and one in my Bose radio at all times just in case I feel like falling asleep to it. I could not even tell you my favorite track because I love them all so much. Although, I do believe Dierks' version of Pride is outstanding vocally and the instrumental parts are so beautiful I could cry when I hear them. This is the music that makes legends, which is what I believe Dierks will be...he is talented and not afraid to go out on a limb to make the music he feels in his heart. I will always be a Dierks fan because I know he will always come up with something to wow me and surpise me musically. The name Dierks Bentley will go down in country/bluegrass music as one of the true greats. His talent and heart came shining through Up On The Ridge like I have never heard before. I think everyone who played on this album is very proud to have been part of it.