Saturday, February 5, 2011

Dierks Bentley's Best Pick Up Line

Not only did Dierks Bentley's song, Sideways, hit the top of the Billboard charts in 2009, it also made The Boot's Top Ten list for best pick up line lyrics.  Coming in at #6 is Bentley's, "Hey, girl, what's your name?/It's so loud in here I can't hear a thing/But I sure do like your style." 

According to the Boot:

'Sideways,' Dierks Bentley Compliment a girl's clothes and you're in! Dierks shares his best lines for wooing ladies in little white tank tops. If only delivering a good pickup line were as easy as getting sideways
The song also got the attention of FOX and NASCAR, who recently commissioned DB to record and perform a special version of the song to rev up each race this season!
We're creating our own Top Ten List and we need your help! What Dierks "love" lyrics do you think should make the "DB Valentine's Day" list?  DB Congress reps and fans, leave a comment and we'll have a contest! 


  1. "When you know who you wanna spend the rest of your life with you wanna start, the rest of your life, as soon as you can."

  2. And if you need a little help from me, babe you know there isn't a button that I can't reach....reminds of how wonderful my husband is everytime I hear those words

  3. CT cowgirl ReneeSat Feb 05, 11:50:00 AM

    SOOO many incredible lyrics to choose from that just ooze love,lust & commitment..but for me, my favorite would have to be the dedication in the liner notes of Dierks Long Trip Alone CD: "To Cass, who's smile I rest beneath"

    ♫ Maybe you could walk with me awhile, maybe I could rest beneath your smile ♫

    What a heartfelt dedication to the love of your life, I feel this way about my husband..He is my rock,the strength that walks beside me through life & love that lets me rest happily every night!

  4. Dierks is surely going places, I couldn't be more excited for him

  5. I just wanna lay here and feel you breathe
    Listen to the rhythm of your heartbeat
    and see where it leads

    Cheryl Esselman

  6. It's hard to choose!
    How about:

    "Everybody stumbles sometimes and needs a hand to hold/
    'Cause it's a long trip alone".

  7. Summer down in Galveston, underneath the stars. Fire burning on the sand and you back in my arms.
    Ain't nothing too locked or tightfor a man like me.