Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Dierks Bentley fan-clubber (DB Congress rep) Joelle Grillo (center) found out that WBEE (92.5)country music radio station for Rochester, was going to be at a grand opening of a new McDonald's near her New York home. So she called her sister Theresa (right) and told her to wear her Dierks shirt "so we can support DB!"

They got there and waited to meet DJ Terry Clifford (left). "Right away she noticed our clothing so she asked us about our Dierks attire. We told her that we go to Nashville every year to see him and we attended Dierks' Last Call Ball in Nashville last year and how nice and great he was to fans. She agreed and said wonderful things about him and how down to earth he was. She told us that she gave Dierks her business card and he came back a couple years later and pulled it out of his wallet to show her. She took our picture with us for DB Congress and thought it was nice that we support Dierks like that."

The two sisters told Terry that they went to Darien Lakes to see Dierks and how great he is in concert. "Overall we love Dierks and we got the impression she does too!"

Theresa and Joelle at Last Call Ball with Dierks in 2009:

Thank you, Joelle for sharing your story!

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