Saturday, May 8, 2010


Dierks Bentley asked fan-clubbers in a recent Meet and Greet what they thought about the three songs on the sample CD he's giving out after each bluegrass show.

Bob Walker talked about the bluegrass and the bootleg in his blog titled, Free and Easy (Down the 21st Century Road He Goes). Bob apparently was blown away by the Foxboro, MA show, especially DB's bluegrass version of U2's, "Pride." He thinks Bentley's bootleg CD makes for great music marketing strategy. "Here’s a guy that is not trying to sell anything. He is building a relationship with the consumer … using modern technology and a powerful marketing strategy," says Walker.

I love the fact that the tracks are written in black sharpie (albeit reproduced) in Dierks' own hand-writing!

So, did you attend a show recently and receive one of these boot-legged CDs? what do you think of Dierks "giving" it away? Will you still buy the full CD? What do you think of the songs: "Up On The Ridge", "Fallin' For You", and "Rovin' Gambler?"

Please leave your comments below!


  1. Love all three songs! So good of him to pass these out during the M&G's. And oh yeah, I'll for sure buy more than one copy of the entire album!
    Not only is Dierks a awesome musician, he's a well groomed business man as well. I think this album will do wonders for country music!

  2. As a fan, I think it's awesome that he's giving people a little preview of what's to come! On the flip side of the coin though, it's risky giving away what could be perceived as the 3 best songs on the whole cd. I'd hate for people to go "oh, this is the best of what the cd has to offer...I'll just grab the other songs from somewhere else."

  3. It sounds like a good idea to me. It would definitely NOT stop me from buying the whole CD. I love hearing every single one of Dierks' songs!

  4. Loved it! I have listened to it everyday since the concert! Thanks D!

  5. I got the bootleg cd 4/24 after the m&g and ive been listening to it since I already preorderd the cd when i bought tickets to the up on the ridge concert! I love all the song but my fav has to be fallin' for you...i cant stand this falling for you =D Come on June im ready to hear the whole album

    Thanks again Mr. Bentley