Tuesday, May 11, 2010


As you can see, Congress, "Up on the Ridge" squeaked its way into the Top 40 on Billboard, inching up just one spot to take the 40th spot. On the Country Indicator chart, it's up to #28 (much love to those small-market stations)! And, over on Mediabase, it's up to #41 (though only in its 3rd week there). It should move into the top 40 on Mediabase, and that is precisely what we need it to do. Why? Because many syndicated countdown shows on Country radio use the Mediabase chart (though some use the Top 30), and syndicated shows add up to MAJOR airplay, especially on weekends when additional spins are hard to come by. For instance, Country Countdown USA is heard on 200 stations nationwide. That is 200 extra spins -- just like that!

We are definitely on the right track. I certainly anticipate some strong growth over the course of the week, and I think that the GAC Telethon this weekend should help as well (assuming The Prez decides to play UOTR for the television audience). Keep up the great work, Congress, and let's really start digging!

~ Carrie S. (DBC Rep/Chart Reporter ~ NC)


  1. Love it! How did the guy in Portland last night have a copy already?

  2. Thanks Carrie for the update! And you are right, playing it on the GAC special should get the song lots of attention!
    A few of us have been voting our tails off over on yes.com. Last night it got 19 plays in a row which tells me that it is in the syndicated rotation for the small market radio. And we could sure use more help voting. It's very easy to vote and instructions can be found here:

  3. Well, just go to dierksfans.com and click the "street team" tab.

  4. David, I will try to get on yes tonight; Mr. Carrie is studying for finals so I should be able to focus. :) See ya there!

  5. Thanks for the update Carrie! Top 30 in 2 weeks--that's the goal!

  6. #40 on Mediabase as of this morning! Woohoo!