Sunday, July 11, 2010


I ran across a blog by Natalie about her family--son, Dillon and husband, Jon. She had posted the lyrics to "Down In The Mine" and then her thoughts:

That was a song by Dierks Bentley called "Down in the Mine". It is on his newest CD that just released in stores ("Up on the Ridge".) I heard it and immediately gave my full attention. It gave me chills and all kinds of emotions at once..because it is what my husband does. I assumed he wrote it after the Upper Big Branch Mine Disaster but actually it was written prior to that, weird huh? Anyways if you click here (above) you can see him performing it live in Charleston on youtube. It is an awesome song....I wanted to share it with you all.

Click here to watch Dierks keeping it lonesome as he records Down In The Mine in the studio.

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  1. I'm glad she thought it was an awesome song! It is interesting hearing from someone in a coal-mining family.