Sunday, July 11, 2010


Dierks Bentley and Big White have a lot of leavin' left to do--or do they? Seems it may be time for Dierks to say good-bye to his old that his dad gave him when he moved to Nashville in 1994. But they've been through a lot together. Let's take a trip down memory lane.

Who could forget the cracked windshield that he super-glued in "Cab Of My Truck," from the Modern Day Drifter album? And what about all those domestic, light and colds that were such an easy reach through the slidin' rear back window. Dierks made a million memories for every 100,000 miles. Get out of my way Cadillac! Big White's coming through!

Remember when that state trooper let him off with just a warnin' and a promise that he'd try to slow her down? He didn't know how much a truck could handle, but the closer that he got, he kept pushin' it!

Remember when Dierks had to spring Big White out of jail?

How about when Sideways became his seventh number one single?

And radio personalities Big D and Bubba are constantly trying to get Dierks to let them "pimp out" Big White. Watch when they go for a ride:

Big White has suffered a few thefts (radio and catalytic converter) and some side mirror damage in January.

"me and big white (my truck) r working on some new side mirror technology to elimanate the blind spot #fb"

Big White takes two people to start the battery, has no locks and needs no key to start it.

Word is his wife Cassidy thinks it's time for Dierks to get that Camero he's always wanted. What do you think, congress?


  1. I think he should get his Camero & keep Big White too...

  2. No way!! He cannot get rid of it!

  3. Jill aka DearpieMon Jul 12, 01:52:00 AM

    Put Big White up on some blocks in the front yard... Oh wait!! hehehe Naw, he has to retire Big White, but still let 'er stay with the family. Find a cozy garage for Big White to spend until eternity. Grab that Camaro and take 'er out for a spin, Dierks!!! :)

  4. If He want's to retire big white and get a new vehicle thats perfectly fine but noo I dont think he should get rid of it! keep it as like a lawn ordament or something like that theirs sooo many memories!

  5. Too many memories to get rid of it. Maybe he should start a Hall of Fame with it!

  6. Oh, no...... say it isn't so! But if Big White must be taken off the road, maybe he can put it in retirement at his property "Up on the Ridge"???

  7. Just keep it & get the Camero!

  8. Keep the Big White and look for a good mechanic that could possibly rebuild some of things that needs to be fixed on it. Plus get the Camero it's your dream car!!!

  9. big white should not be kicked aside let a pile of dead manure...keep big white and buyvthe camaro, too...I know you can afford cannot however purchase the memories you have made in big the way did cass get her clock yet..I am so worried it will be either get broke but you big lugs or she will not like it...please tell Cass if she does not like it she can pick out another one at Sincerely, Becky aka beckysrosecottage db congress rep from Delaware.

  10. I think he should keep it AND also get the Camaro, if that's his dream car(?). Anyway, I agree with the above....either find a nice garage space for it or get a good mechanic to get it in tip-top shape! I personally wouldn't want to hold onto an old vechicle, but after living with a certifiable car nut for a couple of decades now, I understand there are certain things I DON'T understand,... understand?!

  11. Vicky Perth Western AustraliaWed Jul 14, 04:11:00 AM

    This was so cool thanks for posting it.

    Maybe Dierks could auction Big White off and let the money go to charity. I am sure a Dierks fan out there would love to bring new life into Big White.