Saturday, July 10, 2010


Calling all Dierks Bentley Congress representatives and fans. This week we need to hit the campaign trail hard! Let's give it all we've got to give and catapult Up On The Ridge into the top 20!

Yesterday, our president (Dierks himself) tweeted us a message:

@dbcongress UP ON THE RIDGE aaaalllllmmmmost top 20! banjos across america thank you...they are hoping this leads to more work #fb Jul 9 @ 11:47am

We can't let him down! Here are the primary campaigns for the week:

*Call, tweet, email, text, facebook, your DJs every day and thank them when they play it!

*LOGON to and request Up On The Ridge and thank them when they play it!

*JOIN your fellow DBC reps on Twitter and help spread the Dierksness! Follow DB Congress & Dierks!

*LOGON to Rate The Music and click "yes" you are familiar, Like It A Lot, and "NO" not tired of hearing Up On The Ridge!

*VOTE daily for Up On The Ridge for the weekly CMT Top 20 videos.

*VOTE daily for Up On The Ridge for weekly CMT Pure 12-pack videos.

*VOTE daily for Up On The Ridge for weekly GACTV Top 20 Countdown videos.

Motivation: I know, Dierks is motivation enough, but we will also have a drawing for a DB Congress prize pack including a DBC T-shirt, bracelet, business cards, etc. if you can send us proof of your promotion of Up On The Ridge this week. Here are some ideas of proof and how you can enter:

1-Send email exchanges between radio DJs and you or a picture of your post on their facebook or twitter page

2-Send pics of yourself voting on (show you and the pc screen), Rate the Music, CMT or GAC

Send all your entries via email to

Hurry, contest ends Monday July 19th!


  1. Thanks Ronna, and you are exactly right. This is the week that we need to catapult this song into the Top 20! We all know it can be done - we've done it before. Just a few minutes of your time is all it takes. Let's again make Dierks proud of this Congress!
    Anyone not familiar with how to vote on can see a detailed tutorial here:
    And what makes this better is that you can chat with fellow Congress members while voting Up On The Ridge to the Top 20!

  2.'re assuming we all know how to do this picture-taking business. Since I don't, I won't be entering your contest. BUT I'll still be voting!

  3. You can just take pic with a camera of you at your pc with the voting page open. Then attach the photo to an email.