Saturday, December 12, 2009


Dierks Bentley and his wife Cassidy were watching a sad movie when they learned that 'Beautiful World' was nominated for a Grammy. So there were tears of joy for the recognition and tears of sadness from the movie. The fact that Dierks was more concerned about getting his $16 worth and not being wasteful just validates his strong character as a person. That's why we love him! He's a down-home dude! Here's an excerpt from the interview with Dierks from The Boot:

"I was on the couch, watching the saddest movie in the world with my wife. We were watching 'My Sister's Keeper.' My wife is bawling and my phone keeps ringing."He finally answers, gets the news and delivers the good word to his wife. They share a celebratory drink (beer for him, wine for her) and "partied for about 30 minutes," he recalls before his fiduciary sense kicked in. "The practical side of me goes, 'This movie is costing us $16 on demand and it's going to expire in [a few] hours, so we need to go back to watching it.' As soon as we pressed play, she starts crying. So there's really this sad moment to this intensely happy moment right down to tears again. It was like tears of sadness ... tears of joy ... tears of sadness."

Dierks' show at the Wiltern offered more moments of joy as Patty joined him to perform the nominated song together for the first time in concert. Afterward, the country star was still glowing. "When you die, people talk about what you see. Is it the light in the tunnel? But think about what you hear? [Patty's is] the voice I think you'd hear. That's the way I feel -- her voice is angelic. To have her number in my cell phone, is bad ass."


Another beautiful moment is Tomi L. Wiley's interesting view of Dierks and Patty's Grammy-nominated Beautiful World (the video):

"The video, simply shot and authentic, matches the organic and easy lyrics, melody, and message of the song. There is nothing contrived about the video setup, alternating between shots of Bentley and Griffin palling around in the kitchen and actually playing and recording, as well as between color and black and white frames, contrasting the balance between work and play. The contrasting color and grayscale shots also reflect the basic highs and lows of life and the message of the song: despite serious issues, wars, health and personal problems, it is a beautiful world, if you choose to see it that way.

But the real beauty here is the blending of Bentley’s and Griffin’s voices together: Griffin’s distinct, pure and clean voice is a warm current beneath Bentley’s signature smooth style. The two have a connection, which seems not so much contrived as a duet but a genuine sharing of the love of a simple song."

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  1. I love this blog! Awesome! I knew this was a song that could earn Dierks another Grammy nom. Now I just hope he gets the Grammy!