Thursday, December 31, 2009


Dierks Bentley: What I really think about George Strait. That headline is on the cover of the 1/4/10 Country Weekly issue, along with Dierks' white T mug shot, giving me reason enough to buy the magazine.

The 6-page feature story goes eye to eye with Dierks, digging into dialogue about what a big year 2009 was for the multi-talented, and quick-witted country music artist, whose powers of intelligent observation, keen perception, and mental acuity have all contributed to his success.

Never lacking in his sense of humor, Dierks had this to say when asked, "If you went to a beach and didn't know it was a nude beach, would you stay and go swimming or would you leave?"

"I would leave only because it would probably be like male and female. I don't want to see a bunch of naked dudes [laughs]..."

CW asks Dierks his thoughts on Forbes naming him to the 10 Next Breakout Stars, how he found out that President Obama quoted him and if George Strait ever responded to Dierks giving him the song/CD during the GS Artist of the Decade show. They also asked him to finish sentences such as: "I'm better off without...", and "I can sing better than..."

Dierks also responds to some thought-provoking questions like,'What do you like most about yourself?' 'How do you handle rude people?' 'When was the last time you told a white lie?' and 'If you could have anyone cloned and keep them all to yourself, who would it be?'

Overall, Pat Gallagher did a great job in this 'eye to eye' interview. Although, I half expected the "eye" reference to tie to Dierks' latest single, "I Wanna Make You Close Your Eyes", especially since it's on the verge of becoming his third consecutive number one hit. Never saw it.

Be sure to pick up a copy to read for yourself how Dierks answered these and many more questions. Also, please send your thank you emails to Country Weekly.

~Ronna Clark
DB Congress Chair


  1. I saw CW last night at a store and the one I saw had George Strait and Reba on the cover. I didn't notice the date...and ended up not getting it at the time. I wonder if the George/Reba one is before this issue with Dierks or after?

  2. The George/Reba cover is the next issue after this issue. If you need a copy of the Dierks issue let me know. I think my Publix still has copies.

  3. I've also been trying to find this country weekly but have only been coming up with the george/reba issue....had no idea until now that there was a decent Dierks interview in there? Ronna, is there any chance publix might still have one? I will gladly send you the money for it!!! email me at