Thursday, December 24, 2009


Up until this Christmas Eve morning, Dierks Bentley and his 'tribe' (as he refers to his family) planned a "tender Tennessee Christmas, just like the Amy Grant song," according to The But apparently they had some plumbing problems and Dierks tweeted to get some help on how to, his language in front of his daughter, Evie!

"@DierksBentley: pipe busted.water leaking thru 2nd floor.daughter is too old for me to cuss in front of anymore.does saying "crap on a stick" count?"

Various helpful replies ensued:

MiddleAgeGodess: @DierksBentley favorite when I was a kid was - Some of a BeechNut Gum

Shyanne41805: @DierksBentley Son of a Biscuit Eater works well too!!! Sorry about your leak!!

dbcongress: Or, "Cheese & Rice!"

GirlsGotMiles: Oh I remember dad's f-bombs when r pipes broke...

dbcongress: @DierksBentley Oh, never mind...forget that Cheese and Rice phrase, after all it IS CHRISTmas!

okiemom1: @DierksBentley Thank goodness for insurance... it recarpeted at my brothers when he busted a pipe! But still a huge mess!! Merry Christmas??

CamilleFuston: So @DierksBentley, what I think we're trying to say is, if you use bad words around Evie, you is gonna be on the naughty list

ASHleyAmezcua: @DierksBentley ..."Shut the Front Door" is a favorite of mine or simply just "s balls"

: @DierksBentley Remember The Christmas Story...Raphie's famous "Ohhhh Fudge"....doesn't feel nearly as good but try that.

sup3rmom: @DierksBentley try "fudge on a stick"

dbcongress: @DierksBentley Yes, that counts! You say what you gotta say to keep little ears safe! So what naughty words has Evie repeated from "daddy?"

ronnopwasky03: @DierksBentley haha crap on a stick probably works fine..hope ya get get it fixed n have a wonderful holiday!

Stephanie2286: @DierksBentley I think crap is a safe word. At least it didn't bust tomorrow! A plumber on Christmas may cost you your first born.

: @DierksBentley I used to say Holy Schnikies until my daughter started drawing out the Holy Sh....

ackerlisalou: @DierksBentley: as long as u dont mind her saying it!

suzsexton: @dierksbentley Good save there dad. I also like to substitute "shite" for the other word. 3 yr old g-son at home.

Sunshine81274: @DierksBentley Oh no!! It only counts if you think she'll start running around saying "crap on a stick" instead of "uh-oh" ;)

Shon82573: @dierksbentley sometimes its a mixed blessing adam is deaf! Sorry about the pipes hope its not 2 bad! Merry Xmas Shonda and adam!

rickybarbie: @DierksBentley crap on a cracker? lol

cutter951: @DierksBentley Float to safety! Cutter & Alisha at Cat Country - Colorado Springs. Wishing you a dry Christmas!

ssigafoos: @DierksBentley they're not too old until they can repeat everything you say ;-) Or just put your hands over her ears! Happy Holidays!

drcamnca: @dierksbentley that works or my favorite for the love of pete

KarissaShields: @DierksBentley that frickin sucks..try saying "Got dranduff and some of it itches!" that tends to help when u cant cuss!

But the one that got Dierks to reply was:

@DierksBentley try *Shut the front door or Son of a Biscuit* Merry Christmas and hope your house is ok!!!! Although, I think he reply tweeted to the wrong Twitterer:

"DierksBentley: @trinitykim "shut the front door" and "son of a biscuit eater"! those are great! going to start using those a, heck of a lot. "

Here's the original plans, from The Boot:

For Christmas, Dierks Bentley tells the Boot, "it will be the five of us." Huh? Bentley fans are well aware that he and wife Cassidy welcomed their first child, Evalyn Day Bentley (Evie), in October 2008, but are there two more kids in the Bentley household he's kept under wraps?Yes, if you count the four-legged variety. "People say when you have a kid, you forget about your dogs, but our dogs, Jake and Jorge, are still family," Dierks says. "It's going to be a tender Tennessee Christmas, just like the Amy Grant song."After spending much time on the road, Dierks is happy to home alone with just his wife and kids (including the ones with paws). "We're going to be in Nashville. We've got the tree set up in our house. With a kid, it reinvents everything so I'm happy to just be at home."

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