Monday, December 28, 2009


Results from the poll of which Christmas song you would most like to hear Dierks Bentley sing have been tallied, and "I'll Be Home For Christmas" earned 35% of the votes, followed by my choice, O Holy Night at 21%. As for a DB Christmas album, it's not likely at least until 2011, since Dierks is working on two new albums for a 2010 release--neither of which are holiday tunes.

The Bluegrass album is due out first--possibly in the spring, followed by a regular album later in the year. But as we all know, Dierks' artistic talent yields nothing but extraordinary results--nothing "regular" about it.

Dierks is wasting no time, as he was back in the studio the day after Christmas, and shared the secret ingredients for a studio record on Twitter/Facebook...

"budlight, several types of whiskey, coffee, water and a dog named jake...essential studio "must haves" for this record. #fb"


  1. I mentioned to Dierks at the M&G in Vegas that I noticed he didn't have any Christmas songs. He said, "I have been trying to avoid it, but you are right, it is probably time now." So...maybe for next year?

  2. Thanks for sharing that, Clint! I wouldn't mind if it was just one song--not an entire album--just to hear his voice at xmas time!