Thursday, December 10, 2009


Dierks Bentley's "I Wanna Make You Close Your Eyes" moves up one more spot this week on Billboard's Hot Country Songs chart, to crack the Top 5! It is also #5 on Mediabase, and #3 on Billboard's Country Indicator chart.

It's continuing to gain on the #4 spot, slowly but surely. It perhaps won't make #4 this next week, but Craig Morgan's "Bonfire" is starting to slip, and Dierks is there to take over. It *could* happen, but it's going to take a bit of a plummet on "Bonfire's" part over the course of the next couple of days for that to happen.

After it hits #4, it's going to mostly be a matter of growing or at least remaining steady as it waits for "Do I," "Need You Now," and "Consider me Gone" to fall. "Need You Now" has experienced some slowing, and is starting to make it's way down the charts. Once "Do I" hits #1, it is likely to fall fairly quickly. That song has been on the charts for 33 weeks! "Consider me Gone" will take a bit longer to fall.

So this is where you can help, Congress! Continue to call, email, text or tweet your local stations and DJs -- let them know you're not tired of IWMYCYE. Join Rate the Music and do the surveys, and make sure you say you're not tired of it there, too! Get on and thank the stations for playing it. It has plenty of room for growth. Let's kick of 2010 with a #1 hit and make it 3 in a row!

Next week's Country Update on Billboard will include the year-end chart, so I'll tell you how "Feel That Fire" and "Sideways" fared among all songs released this year, as well as the IWMYCYE update!

~ Carrie S. (DBC Rep/Chart Reporter ~ NC)


  1. Thank you, Carrie! I am confident we can make it 3 number one's in a row for Dierks, but are you sure there is no way to make all three happen in one calendar year? We still have 3 weeks--it could happen, right?

  2. The first 2010 chart will post in 3 weeks (the charts are a week ahead, ie. today's chart was dated December 19th, next week is December 26th) -- if I had to guess, "Consider me Gone" will be the first #1 of 2010 -- "Do I" will get next week, and Reba likely the next 2. Dierks is about 7 million audience impressions off of #3. It's a LOT of ground to cover by year's end, considering it's up about 500,000 this week so far.

    You also have to consider the fact that so many stations will be running year-end countdowns the last week of the year -- that's going to limit growth potential pretty severely. I don't think it's going to peak at #5, but getting to #1 is going to be determined by how it holds on going into the new year, and how quickly the songs ahead fall.

  3. Sorry, that should say the first 2010 chart will post in 2 weeks, not 3. I thought I'd caught that. Oops.

  4. Thanks for 'splainin', Lucy! haha

    Now, can you tell me how many FTF albums have been sold? Where can we find that info? Is it close to Gold at least (500k)?

  5. According to Wikipedia, it's sold 280,000 as of December. There's no citation on that, so I have no idea how accurate it is, but that's what I found.

  6. I am watching for your next report. Thank you Carrie for keeping us so well informed.