Sunday, December 13, 2009


*EDIT: I found the commercial on YouTube!

You've all seen it, right? The M&Ms commercial where yellow and red say to each other, "He does exist!" and Santa says, "They do exist!" when they get a glimpse of each other in the dim light of a Christmasy living room.

Dierks Bentley had been "Tweetless" for a few days, even though he performed two shows back to back in Vegas Thursday and Friday--a usually productive Tweet time for Dierks.

On the flip side, Stephanie, our DBC Historian and Missouri rep, spent most of her two days in Vegas in line waiting to see Dierks and sending him numerous tweets on Twitter hoping for a response from our DB Congress prez, to no avail. But one of her tweets did finally get his attention:

Stephanie2286: "@DierksBentley Thanks again for such a great time in Vegas! Def made #'s 49 and 50 special!"

And seven hours later...

DierksBentley: "@Stephanie2286 thanks for 50 nights of your life! wow. honored. #fb"

He DOES exist! And he is so appreciative of his fans! This has got to be the best tweet/quote of the day, week, month!

Congrats Steph! And thank you mr. president! You just made her day and all of ours!

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