Friday, July 30, 2010

Dierks Chats with Kix Brooks on ACC

Dierks Bentley sat down to chat with Kix Brooks on this week's American Country Countdown. Watch the video where they talk about breaking the bluegrass rules, tuning, toning, and timing, why Dierks' fingers are calloused, 13 guys on a bus, and walking on stage without an electric guitar. "It was a musical experiment, a test, and we won! The fans, they loved it!"

Kix asked Dierks about being away from home 26 out of 30 days: "You got a baby at home-does she still recognize you?" "I love exposing her to music its the coolest thing," Dierks admits. "She can recognize my voice on the radio right away--'da da'. I tell my wife it's a country music kind of deployment--guys in the military are gone 15 months at a time--keep that in mind when you're missing me...doesnt always work. I try to use those guys as an example. It's tough to be away from family."