Saturday, September 12, 2009


Dierks Bentley has always had a special connection with his fans--especially his hard-core followers. That's how I became a DB fan--because of his ability to look you in the eye and instantly connect and suck you in for life! Not that I'm complaining.

Dierks Bentley told the national radio show GAC Nights: Live From Nashville: "I really feel like I've met everyone who's bought one of my records. I truly feel like that. We spend so much time out there. We have such hardcore fans that sing along to every song off the record and know the whole new record by heart. I feel really blessed to get out there every night and have them get up and sing these songs back to me."

So, let's show Dierks how much he means to us, too! Vote for the I Wanna Make You Close Your Eyes video on the GAC Top 20 EVERY DAY!


  1. YES let's do some serious voting!!

  2. yes, I spend a lot of time voting lately... GAC and CMT for the video.. for the song... country weekly for the sexy guy.... all worth it!