Monday, September 7, 2009


George Carter officially made me coo "awwwwww" out loud just now! He wrote an article outlining his thoughts about each song in the American Country Countdown top 40 (last week), 'spieling' on and on about how country music is not like the old days--until he got to Dierks Bentley:

# 35 (this week #29): Dierks Bentley – “I Wanna Make You Close Your Eyes” Yes! I love Dierks Bentley! This might come as a surprise if you read my opening spiel about today’s artists, but this guy is awesome. I think he stands out among today’s crowd because he has a sexy voice and his songs seem genuine instead of contrived. By the way, it is not weird for me to compliment a man’s voice by calling it sexy. My favorite singer of all time is Conway Twitty, who had the sexiest voice in country music history. Gary Allan has a sexy voice. So does Barry White. I like all of these people. It’s ok.

Of all modern country artists who came onto the scene long after I quit listening closely, Dierks Bentley might just be my favorite. I just love his voice. And his songs. He’s not one of these fake pansy wannabe country stars. He’s original and awesome. Thank you, Dierks. What a funny name.

I haven’t heard this particular song, but judging by the title, it’s probably intense. By the way, I had to go to the dictionary to figure out how to spell “spiel.” I actually had to consult Google because’s suggestions for anything close to “shpeel” just wasn’t getting me there

Thank you, George Carter! We love Dierks, too! And by the way, his first name comes from his mom's maiden name.


  1. I so agree! Dierks does have a sexy voice, as well as Gary Allan.

  2. It made me go awwwwwwww...too! :) Loved it!