Saturday, September 12, 2009


Country Weekly's September 21 issue is on sale now! Not that I ever miss buying the magazine every single week, but this week is special! Dierks Bentley is on the cover with his best friend Jake! And this is the second time this year CW has made us Dierks fans very happy by recognizing him as the featured artist on their cover. Seems to me the CMA could learn a lot from Country Weekly!

The article, a six-page spread, surrounds a day in the life of two road dogs - Dierks and Jake. The particular day of interviewing and photo shooting was August 18 in Atlanta, Georgia at The Tabernacle. It's exciting to know I was there that day and got to watch the photo shoot along side many DBC-ers!

Now I could scan in all 6 pages and post them here for you, but what better way can we show our appreciation to CW than to run out and buy our own personal copy? What I will do is share a few of my favorite quotes from the article:

"It's tough. I'm so lucky that Cass totally supports me. She knows this is my dream. Without that I couldn't do it."
(on being on the road)
"More than anyone else, Jake has seen me at my lowest points...he was there through all of that unpleasant, soul-searching time."
(on his best canine friend)
"They get excited, I take that energy backstage and make it my own when I go on stage...It makes the show more personal."
(on meeting fans in the parking lot)
I always make it a point to send a thank you email to CW Editor In Chief, Larry Holden, for any and all Dierks exposure. I want him to know how much I appreciate it. So when I found out a few weeks ago this DB issue was coming, I sent Larry an email and this was his reply:

"Hey, Ronna, we at CW are also extremely happy that Dierks is back on our cover. And, here’s a little known fact—it was Jake who asked him to do it for us!


In addition, Dierks is also mentioned throughout the issue on pages 29, 31, and 49, so make sure you get your copy today! I promised Larry lots of sales for this one, so make me proud, DB Congress!

DB Congress Chair


  1. Thanks for sharing. We don't get this in the UK. :)

  2. Love it!!! So glad that our Dierks is making the cover of CW again! I'll get one for sure!

  3. Thank you for sharing! I will be sure to get a copy. Anything to support Dierks!!!

  4. Just wish CW was still being delivered by mail...can't seem to find it here in New York City.

  5. Picked up my copy this morning! LOVE the article!!
    -SC Rep

  6. I got mine today. Love it! I can send one to those who can't get it. Just e-mail me at

  7. Hope to get mine this afternoon & will try to get some extras for anyone who's looking for a copy.

  8. - I posted the full Country Weekly article at Dierks Fans for those who cannot get hold of a copy.

  9. Have 2 extra copies available. Will check Wal-Mart next week if people are still looking for it. They're always a week behind the Dollar General store.