Saturday, September 26, 2009


I ran across this interesting analysis of Dierks Bentley's, What Was I Thinkin' from a blog simply titled, "Colleen." She lives in Massachusetts. I think we need to recruit her to the DB Congress!

The song, What was I Thinking, by Dierks Bentley represents both Apollonian and Dionysian traits. In the song, the narrator is thinking irrationally; he only cares about intimate time with Becky, regardless of the consequences. Like a Dionysian, he is thinking based on pleasure, sensuous enjoyment, carelessness, and without reason. He seeks pleasure and sensuous enjoyment, by spending time with Becky. Bentley says, “I was thinking ‘bout a little white tank top sitting right there in the middle by me I was thinking about a long kiss.” Along with seeking sensuous enjoyment and pleasure, this is also careless and thinking without reason. Becky’s father is protective, has a criminal record, and is ready to shoot anyone down who comes after Becky. Bentley makes a big mistake, sneaking Becky out to spend time with her. He now has to face the consequences of Becky’s father.Although Bentley is clearly predominately Dionysian, his Apollonian side is also embodied through the song. Bentley says, “Oh I knew there’d be Hell to pay,” and questions his actions, “What was I thinking?” This is Apollonian, because he starts to think logically, realizing that his actions were wrong and have negative outcomes. This displays knowledge and realizations, both Apollonian traits. Bentley embodies both Apollonian and Dionysian characteristics throughout What was I Thinking.


  1. That's just too much thinkin' for me!

  2. I agree. Maybe a little too analytical.

  3. I'm thinkin', what was she thinkin? She was thinkin' bout that little white term paper sitting right there on the counter by dierks bentley's picture....