Sunday, September 27, 2009


Could this be the view for one lucky fan?

Last week's DB Congress survey asked fans what they would like to win if the fan club offered. An overwhelming 83% said, "A day on tour with Dierks." Of course! That has always been MY dream! Now, if we can only get to have such a contest.! Uh, Morgan, ya there? Who do we have to "sell" on this idea?

I am willing to bet DBC reps would do just about anything to work for that prize! Am I right? Leave a comment and tell us what you would do in order to hang out with with Dierks for a day!

Poll Results:

What type of DB contest (if offered) would you most like to win?
*Front row DB concert tickets 2%
*Phone call from Dierks 5%
*Lunch with Dierks 10%
*Day on tour with Dierks 83%

Not a lot of tour dates left this year, but Vegas would be cool! What do you say Morgan? Vector Management? Capitol Records? Dierks? Anyone who can make this contest happen please respond!

DB Fan For Life


  1. This should definitely be a 'First Prize' when Dierks does his own headlining tour next year!

  2. agh! this SOOO should be a contest!! but i agree with nid, it should wait until Dierks' headlining tour!
    oh gosh, what would i do to win it?? holy moly, just about ANYTHING!! hahahahaha

  3. I was one of the few who voted for DB front row concert tickets because I've never had front row seats before... and it would be fun to see him and the band in action so close...
    while a day on tour with him would make me sooooo nervous because I tend to be on the shy side,,,, I think I could handle it! ha ha ha
    So, yes, I would do just about anything too!

  4. I voted for the day on tour with Dierks because I think that would be just awesome! I've never been to a concert but would do anything asked of me to win, including dancing or singing in front of thousands,and if you know me then you know I am a shy person.Don't have a great voice either so I'll spare us all! I think that would be the first concert experience in the world!

  5. This would be a great prize! I think Blake Shelton had one like that.