Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Don't forget to tune in to Good Morning America to see how many CMA nominations our president will get! I'm hoping for all 6, how about you?

And the categories for your CMA consideration are:
*Male Vocalist of the Year
*Song of the Year: Sideways
*Single of the Year: Sideways
*Music Video of the Year: Sideways
*Album of the Year: Feel That Fire
*Vocal Event of the Year: Beautiful World with Patty Griffin

Well, I'm always optimistic, but realistically, I hope for 3--hopefully Male Vocalist, Album and Vocal Event!


  1. I would like to be the first to say WTF?!!!
    I was almost sick to see not one nomintaion for Dierks....what does a singer/songwriter have to do?!! UGH.......

  2. I totally agree,,, I thought for sure Dierks would be at least in the male vocalist category... he totally got robbed!! I am so mad and sick of constantly seeing the same people over and over again..... very upset right now. CTcowgirl,,, I will be the 2nd to say WTF???!!!!

  3. OH MY FLIPPIN GOSH!!! That is SO not fair!!! And what TOTALLY SuCkS even more is that for THREE CATAGORIES the SAME PEOPLE were nominated!! I mean come on... Keith Urban got a nomination and he hasnt had a REAL country song in like what a year?? UGH!!!! that is SO awful!
    And if it wasnt that i am only 13 and i would get in trouble, I would continue and be the 3rd person to say it :)

  4. What??? You've got to be kidding me! I really find this so hard to believe! I'm old, so I'll be the 3rd person to say it!!!

  5. HAAAAHAAAAA I love it I started an angry swearing trend oops hahaaaa....
    Devin good girl make sure you stay a sweet young lady, we will assume u were only considering saying "What the Fudge"!! :) lol

  6. I'll join you all-WTF!????

    Is this a who kissed who type deal nowadays? I didn't hear the list, just that Dierks didn't make it. I am sick of the same old status quo.