Monday, September 28, 2009


How would you like to win a FREE DB Congress T-Shirt? We are so excited about the new design we wanted to give one away! All you have to do is tell us the most unique thing you've done in the last 6 months to promote Dierks that was really effective.

Please explain your initiative, what action you took, and what were the results. We're looking for more than, "I tell everyone I know about Dierks," so be specific.

Your DBC Cabinet will pick one winner from all the comments entered below on Sunday, October 4, 2009 at 6 pm Eastern, so get your entries in before then! Good luck! If you're the winner, you will get a DBC customized shirt with your name and state!

Ronna & Mona


  1. Renee Schellhas (DB_KU_WWEGirl)Mon Sep 28, 11:45:00 PM

    I twitter, so on follow Fridays I make sure to promote @DierksBentley, I also RT his tweets, I make sure to call the radio station 1x per dj shift to request his newest single to try and get it to #1. I also make sure to do my voting on,, and any online polls that I come across. I Facebook and I post about Dierks along with follow him and make comments. I am a member of,, and I make sure to wear my Dierks shirts when I'm out and about and I have a Dierks window cling on my car. I also have pictures from the DB M&G's at my desk at work.
    When Dierks sent my son a get well soon package when he had open heart surgery, I made sure to pledge my loyalty to him at that moment, and I've never backed down.
    I made the trek to Denver, CO for the dvd taping, and Carrie the button lady gave me wonderful buttons that I have displayed in my car, I also have the DB congress dogtags hanging in my car. (I got pulled over once, and the officer asked me about it, and I explained and promoted the Dierks Greatest Hits album! LOL!)
    I had another baby back in 2007, and we are in the assessment phase of finding out if he is autistic and so he's a bit of a handful so I don't get to roadtrip as often as I'd like, but I make sure to get out to as many local shows as possible.
    MN rep

  2. That was an awesome promontion, Renee!!
    Okay, to start off
    with the help of some awesome reps, one side of my car has db and db congress decals and stickers(not to mention my db ringtone). I vote for dierks on cmt, gac and ANYTHING else EVERYDAY, is my homepage, and before i check anything else i check to see what is happening in the dierks world :P, I request his videos and music on radio stations and music channels, and actually when Dierks didnt get a CMA nod, i sent in a complaint email to them :). I email magazines, etc and thank them for any mention of the dude, and request more,haha. i wrote a letter into CW (Thanks for the heads up on that, Ronna! i never would have known it!) about how awesome Dierks is, and they published it :D. I check on the GAC video airtimes, and when i see dierks, i put it into my phone calendar so i don't miss it! Anyone i talk to, i let them listen to dierks and tell them to visit the site. I promote him on twitter, youtube, and just in general. i don't get to go to as many shows as i would like, because for some extremly strange reason, he dosen't come over here too much :( but i still love voting and promoting him on a daily basis. I don't have a congress shirt, so i would love to win it :D
    Thanks so much!
    SC rep and lobbyist

  3. .....After a nice run with my friend (who doesn't like country music) we departed ways and went home. I realized that she left her ipod in my car so the sneaky person that I am, I snuck some Dierks Bentley songs on there that I like to run to.
    I returned her ipod and snickered as I left. The next time I saw her she laughed and asked. "Did you add some songs to my ipod?" hehe She followed up with. "Who sings that "What was I thinking" song? I really like that one."
    Turning country music haters into country music lovers one friend at a time! Thanks to Dierks I've got one friend down and a few more to go.
    Nicole from Arizona

  4. I have posted my last M&G picture with Dierks from Atlanta in Aug. as my profile picture on Facebook. I have had so many friends and members of family ask who the "hunk" in the picture with me is-lol!! I explain to them who Dierks is and tell them to check out and listen to his music. I've even had people message me that when they heard a Dierks song it made them think about me. So to me that means that they now recognize him and his music when they didn't know who he was before. I love promoting Dierks that way!!

    Debra from Alabama

  5. 5 of us girls has special white tank tops made for Dierks show in Norman, OK. They said "Dierks' Girls" on the front and "Gettin' Sideways" on the back. We wore then to the show and got tons of compliments and people wanting a tank for themselves! Dierks even like our tanks and acknowledged us during his first song of "Sideways" at the concert! Even after the show we had guys and girls coming up asking us about our "specially" made tank tops. I designed the tanks and had them made for each of us 5 girls who went to the show!

  6. i am going to try this out. i am not much of speller and stuff so forgive me for that. but i know i am big dierks fan! i tell everyone i know, if i know them in person or oneline [from other mb] about dierks. i got dierks first fan in indonesia even! i got her hooked on dierks! i tell all my friends and family about the man. to the point my seven year old niece calls dierks my "boyfriend". on oct 2 i am giving dierks evie's first b-day card from his fans! i bought it and are adding names to it. his name is on my laptop, the stickier on the outside and the wall paper on the inside. i play his music everyday and watch him anytime he comes on tv. when i was in school he was all over my binder even. once i get my first car working i will get my stickers and it will become the db on wheels! haha. i have seen dierks only three soon to be four times but i always love to see the main man! he never lets me down and always can make me happy!

  7. I don't have a real crazy story, but whenever I go to disney world.. My mom always gets a motorscooter..and we have to write our names on it, and depending on the day I'll advertise on it. This past weekend we were up there and on our card I wrote, Get sidways with DIERKS Oct 16th!! A bunch of people stopped me and asked who Dierks was, and others stopped me and high fived me and told me that they would be at that concert as well and could not wait to see him!
    I also vote for his video on CMT and GAC every week and request him on my local radio stations as much as I can!

  8. I use our school dances (middle school) to promote Dierks ... We have once a month. I have donated Dierks CD's and tank tops for prizes. I made stickers too!!! The concert last week in Sac town .... I bought and extra set of tickets and sold raffle tickets. One of my kids got to go with a friend we raised money for our end of the year event. My kids know I LOVE Dierks!!!

  9. I literally have Dierks every where on my board at work, on , in and singing in my car...everywhere in my house, my clothes...Even if there is the smallest picture in a magazine if he is in it I buy it. Most of my friends do not listen to any country music...but they now not only listen to Dierks but they have been to 3 concerts with me just this summer, my sis even got to go in for a M&G with she is hooked and can't wait for the next show and even has her own tshirt and sideways underwear!! LOL!! I'm sure he fits in with all of her Metal tshirts just fine!! After the first show she told me she had to have ALL of his CDs. I listen to Dierks so much my 2 year old knows the words to most of his songs! I also vote religiously for videos and on radio stations as well as promoting on Twitter, Facebook and Myspace as much as I can! I truly am a Dierksgirll!!! And by the way Happy 1st Birthday Evie!!!

    Beth - NC

  10. I just want to wish everybody well and as far as I'm concerned you are all winners! Well done congress reps! :)