Sunday, October 25, 2009


I ordered my new favorite Dierks shirt--Red--Dierks in white block letters across the front--Feel That Fire underneath...and when I received the package in the mail, there were two shirts. My first thought was, I only ordered one and I hope they didn't charge me for two! But here's the note that came with the 2007 Miles and Music shirt:

"Thank you for your order for Dierks Bentley merchandise! Please accept the enclosed FREE tee shirt with our compliments!

Dierks Bentley Merchandise."

What a nice surprise! Are they doing that for every order? I have no idea, but check out the Dierks store and let me know when you get your next order if you got a free tee, too!


  1. Hey! When I ordered my white tank top they included a black t-shirt with my order. It was a very nice surprise.

  2. I ordered the same shirt (red FTF) and i got the Miles & music too!! I was sooo surprised but they didn't charge me (i thought i had accidently ordered it), and now i have one more db shirt so i am okay with it! haha!

  3. I love the red shirt since I'm a red person. I already have 2 of them, but maybe I can find something else in the store & see if I get a bonus shirt too!

  4. I just ordered from the store (only my second or third time ordering). i ordered 2 shirts, but no free t-shirt for me :( still luv them anyways...