Saturday, October 31, 2009


According to, Dierks Bentley loved Halloween, "...because as a rebellious little kid I thought it would be cool to go as a Ninja every time," he says. "It was my chance to go out and be mischievous. I'd blow up pumpkins and knock mailboxes off with baseball bats ... I'm so glad I have a daughter, oh my gosh!"

Dierks is in Michigan performing tonight and 30% of the fans voted to see him dressed up as a Hip-Hop Sideways dancer tonight! Will he do it? Maybe the DBC reps going to the show tonight can give us the scoop!

*EDIT: Found this on Chicago: Dierks Bentley and wife Cassidy are dressing daughter Evie in character for her first Halloween. Dierks explains, “Evie likes to play drums, but then she’ll take the drumstick and we’ll have like a sword fight and she kind of looks like a little Yoda. So we went online and got her a Yoda outfit — the ears and cape. But I’ll be on the road, of course, playing a gig as I am on any important date. I’ll get lots of good pictures though!”


  1. ha ha,, I can just see Dierks doing those things. From what I've read about him, he had a wild side when he was younger... that's part of what we love about him though! I'm sure Evie will look cute,,, hope they share a picture of her.

  2. I hope he posts some pics of Evie as Yoda. That sounds adorable!