Saturday, October 31, 2009


Thanks to all the dedicated Dierks fans for voting for our president on a daily basis! Through your efforts, DB's I Wanna Make You Close Your Eyes is making headway--here's this week's results:

CMT Top 20 - #17 (LW #16)

CMT Pure 12-Pack - NA

GAC Top 20 - NA (LW#16)

Rate The Music #6

BillBoard - #14 (Call, email, or click on radio station websites!)

There's a new campaign to add to our daily DB list. Country Music Gone Wild hosts a Top 20 fan voted list every week and Dierks is at #6 this week! According to CountryMusicGW on Twitter, "Voting always starts on Monday and ends at 5:00pm EST on Friday. Thanks for your hard work in promoting Dierks and the Top 20 Gone Wild."

I am confident DB Congress reps will dedicate an extra 10 seconds every day to vote for I Wanna Make You Close Your Eyes on CountryMusicGoneWild, in addition to the campaigns above! We need all the exposure we can get for Dierks--gotta move the song to the top 10 on the BillBoard charts!

Got a lotta votin' left to do! Git 'er done, congress!

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  1. Evidently you can only vote once in this poll. It wouldn't let me vote today.