Sunday, October 18, 2009


Good news! I Wanna Make You Close Your Eyes finally landed in the Top 20 videos on GACTV this week at #20! On CMT's Top 20, the newest Dierks Bentley video came in at #16 for a second week, but was a no show on the CMT Pure 12-pack.

We are 559 DB Congress reps strong and it's gonna take an act of congress all working together to make this video rise to the top! Realistically, I know everyone has a life outside of Dierks, but I also know how much his music means to each of the DBC reps--all 559 of us! So, I need some help getting 100% participation on a daily basis.

It really does only take less than 5 minutes of your day to vote for the 3 video countdowns and another 30 seconds to call your local radio station every day.

So, I need your help in giving me ideas to get everyone -- all 559 -- involved for 5 minutes every day. Whoever has the best idea will win a prize!

Leave your comments now or email me at

We can do this for our president! He has given us so much! We did it for Long Trip Alone (#1 on the video countdown 3 weeks in a row), and we can do it again!


  1. I really have no good ideas on how to get everyone involved in voting,,, but I promise I will continue to vote everyday, as I have been, from every computer I can get my hands on- two at home- and one at work! I also will have my teenage daughters voting too!!!

  2. Hey! I'm behind you all the way. I don't work at the present time so I can easily devote my time, however thats not the case for everyone. I will continue to do my daily duties and vote!

  3. Hey Ronna, Did my congressional duties and voted for Dierks everywhere I could :) :)

    I have NO idea how to motivate others to vote and help out... I'll let ya know if something hits me...

    (I'm still waiting to find out how to get one of the DBC clings for the back of my new truck-- would LOOOOOVE to have it on there before the concert 11/14!)

  4. Shonda, Thanks so much for voting. Do you mean the yellow db logo cling or the rectangle decal?

  5. yayyy!! so happy! I was getting soo mad!!!
    I shall put my thinkin cap on and think of a way to get D to the top besides daily voting!!