Sunday, October 25, 2009


Three weeks ago, California DB Congress rep, janetg only knew two people that listen to country music, so she decided to go to the October 3rd Irvine Dierks Bentley show alone. She got a great seat to see Dierks and a fan club Meet and Greet to boot.

"I took a pair of "SIDEWAYS" undies I bought on I was the only one that brought something made of fabric. He said, "These are nice!" and told me a white tank is always good (which I was wearing). He had me pull on one side so he could sign them! I was a bit nervous since it was my first time meeting him. A nice Dierks fan behind me put me at ease! Thanks to her I held back my tears of joy!

Dierks asked for any song requests and I quickly said, "Sweet and Wild!" "She's here (Sara Buxton)," he said, "yeah I might just do that--we haven't [sang the song together] in a while." AND HE DID!

This was an awesome experience! He is so nice! One sad thing is I had taken a book for Evie and I forgot it in my car! (there was no in's and out's so I couldn't go back to get it!) My anxious nerves made me forget, after I took like 2 hours at Borders to find the perfect book!


  1. Wow, sounds like an awesome M&G!

  2. What Mona said. Shame about the book though. Maybe you will get another opportunity to give it to Dierks. :)

  3. Got your "seat" signed! Gotta love it!