Sunday, October 4, 2009


Sounds like a strange score, right? Allow me to introduce you to Wisconsin rep #14, CherBear1119, taking the DB Congress up to 558 total fan-clubbers campaigning for Dierks Bentley on a daily basis! This photo was taken at Country USA in Oshkosh, WI the end of June this year.

I was pretty excited needless to say to get the e-mail I was getting a meet and greet! I had my computer at work so found out there and was jumping around in my office. If I can remember precisely, Dierks asked my name and signed my picture and I believed asked if I had been to Country USA before I think. This was right after the awards show where Melissa Peterman gave away an award and kissed him. Well no guts no glory right? So I said to Dierks, "do you know what my dream is?" He asked 'what?' I said, "to give you a kiss." He said, 'on the cheek,' and turned his cheek. I think I can still feel his bristles on my lips!

He is just so down to earth. What a sweetheart. My oldest daughter came with me to Country USA and I got her a shirt to wear and my sister and mom (who is in her 70s) all have a Dierks shirt now too. I do love that red Sideways shirt! I couldn't stop smiling.

My nickname on the fan club site is CherBear1119 and I am from Wisconsin. (1119 is for my Nov. 19th birthday so I think Dierks and I should celebrate together). I really love all his little notes on Facebook. The meet and greet was definitely memorable for me and I made my Facebook friends a little jealous, my sister too. The only thing a little disappointing was I think the radio station that was promoting the event gave away a lot of M&Gs from the station so we really didn't get a question and answer session. Otherwise it was super, super, super!

Welcome to the DB Congress family, Cheryl!


  1. Welcome to the Congress Cheryl. Loved your M&G story and thanks for promoting Dierks and the DBC! :)

  2. Welcome to the congress Cheryl. :)