Sunday, October 25, 2009


You voted on which Non-Dierks-CD song Dierks sings better and "A House of Gold"--the Grand Ole Opry performed single recorded on the How Great Thou Art: Gospel Favorites Live From The Grand Ole Opry CD, out-shined the other choices.

The entire CD or can be purchased via itunes or rhapsody.

I'd rather be in a deep dark grave
And know that my poor soul was saved
Than to live in this world in a house of gold
And deny my god and do my soul

~It Is No Secret 0%
(I guess nobody but me has heard this?)

~Mr. Bojangles 26%
(Great itunes single with DB, KU & NGDB)

~Murder on Music Row 21%
(Dierks, would they really do that? -George Jones)

~Fast Lanes and Country Roads 16%
(Barbara Mandrell would be proud)

~A House of Gold 37%
(Dierks' voice is golden in this rendition!)

My favorite part...."Tim Sargent from Kentucky, ya'll" after Tim's sweet steel guitar solo!
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  1. I voted for HOUSE OF GOLD. I love that song! I have heard It Is No Secret. I prefer Dierks version over Johnny Cash's and Jean..I think her name is Shepherd. It's on my compilation CD of older gospel songs. Dierks is definitely better, but HOG is my favorite!