Monday, June 7, 2010


Dierks Bentley says his new album is "simply art." Chris Talbott says, "If you want to get to know the real Dierks Bentley, pick up his new album. Everything Bentley loves is on display in "Up On The Ridge," a record that breezily moves between genres and presents Bentley in a way the singer has never been seen before."

"I'm not sure how you describe it — bluegrass, country, roots or whatever," Bentley said. "It's simply art. I made a record that's a piece of art as far as I'm concerned."

Talbott continues: "The album is eclectic, features special guests from Bentley's two different worlds and is jam-packed with interesting moments and interpretations of obscure songs.

It's also a completely risky venture with no single that fits squarely in the country radio format that has helped drive his career.

Bentley knows he's taking a chance — and he has enjoyed every minute of it."

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