Saturday, June 26, 2010


Wisconsin fans of Dierks Bentley didn't seem to mind last night, but Dierks wondered out loud on Twitter if his shirt was too short.

"milwaukee/summerfest, you think i could afford a longer shirt at this point in my career! thx for insane night #fb"

Funny, I keep saying that about your pants, D! You'd think by now you'd have enough money to buy a new pair of black jeans!

Dierks performs in Wisconsin again tonight in Richland Center (Star Spangled Celebration). Look for all our WI dbcongress reps to be front and center: dierksbentleyTWO, dierksfan76, TiffNMiles, KellyDB, freeneasy, aroseluvsdierks, DB4evah, kelly310, kris4dierks, sweetandwild, jewelgirl32, ripley132, AndreaDBfan, CherBear1119, kimberlyw4499, and allstar21.


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