Saturday, June 19, 2010


Dierks Bentley has been drawing some huge crowds lately, fans hungry for the new blue grass and the old country rock. Dierks took to Twitter to share with us a few of the views:

"view from backstage at telluride...about to walk out there. can u say nervous!?"
"back to business in OHIO....can we do one more?!?"

After the Tampa Bay Rays game in St. Pete, Florida, nearly all of the 30,000 Rays fans stayed either in the stands or came down onto Tropicana Field to hear Dierks! I was there on the field and was so proud to have so much support for Dierks in my home town! When Dierks first came on stage, he was so flabbergasted--he just stood there and mouthed, "are you kidding me?" By the way, we won the game that night!

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