Monday, June 21, 2010


Unfortunately, I don't have a lot of good Chart news this week. In its 10th week on the charts, "Up on the Ridge" appears to have stalled somewhat. I don't necessarily think we should go into panic mode, but I do think we need to step up our efforts at radio. On Billboard, it fell back two spots to #26, while losing about 300,000 listeners in audience. It also fell to #26 on Mediabase, where it is up a mere 9 spins.

Pretty crazy information, I know. I'm not entirely sure what happened, but I do recall "I Wanna Make You Close Your Eyes" stalling around the top 20 as well. So, while I'm not entirely worried, I am concerned, and I am calling for an Act of Congress! Below you'll find a list of the 125 stations that report to Billboard for their Hot Country Songs (click the picture to enlarge). I want all 600 of us to commit to finding our closest radio station(s) on the list, and do the following:

1. Do they have a daily countdown show you can vote on? If so, vote for UOTR!
2. Find your favorite DJ's email address, and email them.
3. Call the request line, and request the song.
4. Find the station on, thank them for supporting Dierks, and ask them to play UOTR more.

I think we have a lot we can learn from other fans, too. The Gary Allan fans, for instance, make a concerted effort on to determine which stations aren't playing his current song as much as others. If it's about 15 or higher on a station, they "yes" the song and move on. If it's lower than 15, they make an effort to request it on that particular station, etc. They also know which stations have daily countdowns, and they all vote at least once a day (and trust me, they get Gary to #1 often!), and they all vote on GAC and CMT for the videos, too.

So what are we waiting for, Congress? Let's push "Ridge" up, up, UP the charts where it belongs! Hopefully I will be back next week with more positive news!

~ Carrie S. (DBC Rep/Chart Reporter ~ NC)


  1. Thanks Carrie for the update and YES we can get it going again!

  2. Up on the Ridge and Draw me a map are my favorite two songs on the new CD. I will do my part for sure with contacting radio stations. Otherwise, at this point the others I can't listen to for the fact that they all sound like music from the movie Brother where art though or something like that. Is the rest of the cd bad? No. Was I disapointed? A little. Not that I expected the whole thing to sound like Sideways or Close Your Eye's. It's different and that isn't always a bad thing. So, I got tickets for the concert that was in our city. I own a bar The Drunken Monkey and the night before the concert was Dierks Night :) Not everyone was thrilled because I am the juke box queen but I only played Dierks songs that night. I didn't see anything wrong with that and I didn't care is someone did. Other nights if down there, of course I work them in. Saw Dierks in 2009 in Waterloo, Iowa...AMAZING! Long story short security was going to call the police because my Sister was soooo hoping Dierks would step out of his bus and take a photo. I was hoping too but didn't want to seem like the crazy fan though we waited and followed the bus out of town until I said that was enough, I was embarassed! I think they were hoping my looks would get us at least a pic...LOL! Hello, he is married to a playboy model how much hotter is that, I told my Sister. The concert was great and the most fun I have ever had. His music has gotten me through some tough times in my life. I never get sick of hearing him sing. I am a sales rep in advertising and get bored with the radio while driving around so Dierks CD's are with me everywhere I go. There are so many songs of his that are FUN and BEAUTIFUL besides the radio played ones. Sweet and Wild and Little Heartwrecker just to name a few, he is such a talented song writer and he has an amazing voice. I am wondering why these songs have not made it to radio? I ran across this web site trying to send my Sister a pick her up Dierks pic :) we are such losers. Dierks, if you read this you are truly an amazing artist, thank you for the great music!