Thursday, September 10, 2009


Sadness, disappointment, anger, disbelief, shock. These are not emotions I experience when I listen to Dierks Bentley's music. But when the CMA Awards nominations were announced yesterday, and Dierks was not among them, I was feeling all those things and more!

What I don't understand is how Dierks can accomplish all he has in the last year--a #1 album, two consecutive #1 songs, a sucessful tour supporting Brad Paisley, the second most played artist on the radio (Keith Urban was #1), two Country Weekly covers, a CMT Music Award (Country Boy w/AJ, GS & BP), the CMT International Artist Achievement Award, an American Songwriter magazine cover, performed Beautiful World at the Nobel Peace Prize concert and much, much more--and still be over-looked by the Country Music Association!

I just don't understand how they can not recognize Dierks' extraordinary talent in songwriting, and vocals that seep deep into a person's soul! His lyrics, music, and voice give me great joy and happiness--makes me dance and sing out loud--not to mention travel thousands of miles a year to see his live performance!

So, maybe somebody can tell me--what was the CMA thinkin'? I mean, out of six possibilities, not one nod? That's just not right! He deserves to be in the top five.

I know most of you agree with me, but if anyone can enlighten me on this strange rationale, please leave a comment! Apparently, I am missing something! Oh, I know, the typical response may be, "it's policital," but I need more than that!


DB Congress Chair


  1. Out of all the possible nominations he could have gotten, I feel the most slighted by Male Vocalist and Musical Event of the Year. Album of the Year is up there as well.

    To be fair, "Sideways", when compared to the songs that *did* get nominated, is not the strongest song or video. So not getting those nods I'm okay with, and I wasn't really expecting those.

    However, according to what I heard on the radio yesterday, the CMA committee is comprised of promoters and agents as well as some DJs and stuff like that. From a promoter standpoint, they are going to nominate the people they can most likely cash in on. So I think it's a pretty corrupt system, and I'm pretty peeved about it. There were a LOT of uncalled for snubs in the nominations, but oh well.

    That being said -- we have to get Dierks to release Beautiful World. Because it would be in the new nomination period (July-June), and there is NO WAY that song could go without a songwriting nomination. Just won't happen. So ... yeah. Let's get on a BW campaign. :)

  2. I'm with you all....very surprised and disappointed, but I don't have any clues as to why he wasn't nominated.

  3. I don't know what CMA was thinkin'!!!!!

  4. well, i can't help ya in what cma was thinking..
    it was stupid, people who have had one hit song were getting nominated for two or more catogories....hmm
    well, we can atleast make them feel bad and email them and tell them how disapointed we are!

  5. I agree with everyone else. All of the award shows are getting "stupid" in my mind. I remember back when hard work, along with genuine talent was honored. Nowadays????