Sunday, October 11, 2009


Miles and Music For Kids - October 11, 2009, Nashville, TN

@dierksbentley: on the road....could be up to 800 bikes behind final tally yet. #fb

This Tweet (twitpic) was posted by @AskJimmyCarter:

Dierks Bentley in full cool mode...leading his charity motorcycle ride in Nashville

And Dierks' final tweet after the event:

this is my favorite day of the year....thanks everyone. 215k raised for vanderbilt children's titans!

Wow! What an awesome accomplishment for the kids! I know the event took a lot of time and effort from a lot of people, but YOU are the man, Dierks Bentley! We love you! Congratulations!


  1. thats awesome, but how dangerous is it to take a picture of yourself as you are driving a dangerous machine, with 800+ behind you?!
    Don't get hurt, dierks!!! :)

  2. Love this pic!! I don't know how Dierks does such a good job with pics like this amazing!!
    Great thing he is doing for the kids!!

  3. Great picture, but I agree with Devin,, somewhat dangerous to do that on a bike.
    anyway, congrats to Dierks for the money raised and I'm glad the day was a good one. Can't wait to hear about it from the people who were there.

  4. Great pictures! So glad it whent well! Dierks is a great guy to do this for all those children. Stay safe Dierks but have fun!

  5. Congrats Dierks! That is awesome! I wish I would've been there! Can't wait for M&M Chicago! Looking forward to hearing all the details from my Dierks peeps!

  6. We were there this year, and it was wonderful! The weather was great, the music was great, and it was all for a great cause!!

  7. who was on before wynona? opening band really sounded great. Wynona was unbelievable!

  8. I am proud to be able to play a small part in this wonderful event. God Bless The Children!

  9. I wasn't at the first one but many of the others. Awesome road trip for sure meeting up with all my friends I've made in the fan club. So glad the 10th anniversary sold out in an hour.