Monday, October 5, 2009


Minnesota DB Congress rep, Renee (DB_KU_WWEGirl) is the winner of the FREE DB Congress T-Shirt! Here's how she promotes Dierks Bentley on a daily basis...

I Twitter, so on Follow Fridays I make sure to promote @DierksBentley and I also RT(Retweet) his tweets. I make sure to call the radio station one time per DJ shift to request his newest single to try and get it to #1. I also make sure to do my voting on,, and any online polls that I come across. I Facebook and I post about Dierks along with following him and making comments. I am a member of,, and I make sure to wear my Dierks shirts when I'm out and about. I have a Dierks window cling on my car. I also have pictures from the DB M&G's at my desk at work.

When Dierks sent my son a get well soon package when he had open heart surgery, I made sure to pledge my loyalty to him at that moment, and I've never backed down. I made the trek to Denver, CO for the DVD taping, and Carrie the button lady gave me wonderful buttons that I have displayed in my car. I also have the DB Congress dog tags hanging in my car. I got pulled over once, and the officer asked me about it, and I explained and promoted the Dierks Greatest Hits album!

I had another baby back in 2007, and we are in the assessment phase of finding out if he is autistic and so he's a bit of a handful so I don't get to roadtrip as often as I'd like, but I make sure to get out to as many local shows as possible.

Thank you to all the DB Congress reps who entered the contest! You all are making a huge difference in making Dierks #1! Keep coming back here to! We plan to give away more FREE T-Shirts for top DB promoters periodically!


  1. Congratulations Renee on winning the t-shirt. You definitely deserve it!!!! If everyone was as nice as you and Dierks, just think how wonderful this world would be!!! I hope your children are okay. We, Dierks fans, are a team and we will get him to #1 -- not to mention Male Vocalist of the Year!!!!!! Enjoy wearing your shirt proudly :-)

  2. Congratulations Renee! Very well deserved! :)

  3. Congrats Renee! As Nid said,, well deserved!

  4. Congrats Renee! Thanks for promoting Dierks and the DBC! I think the deciding factor was that you have a Congress Cling on your car, but only I would say that. LOL :)

  5. Congrats, Renee!