Thursday, December 17, 2009


Well, after flying 3800 miles round trip, I'm back home and rested now. Two nights of Dierks in Las Vegas were just incredible! I got to meet some great friends out there and just hanging with them was a ball! The House of Blues is an awesome place for a concert. I stayed in the Luxor and was able to walk from hotel room to the venue. As we were waiting in line for the first show we saw Dierks heading in to the venue. He stopped and talked to us for a few minutes and thanked us for coming out for the shows! Also talked to Tim before he went in.
The set list on Thursday was really good. Dierks seemed to be stoked to be back in Vegas as it showed with his enthusiasm on the stage. So much so that when he went to run around behind Rod, he slipped and fell. But he rolled over and jumped up without missing a beat. The show wasn't over until almost 1 a.m. and we were exhausted by the time we left.
The next day we were in line at the door about noon. The price you pay to be in the front row and worth every minute of the wait. I called Nid by phone and had a great chat with him then handed the phone over to Janet for a chat too. Because of some overbooking by the HOB Dierks didn't hit the stage until about 11:30pm. We knew he had changed up the set list right from the first song. Instead of opening with Sideways (which they've done for months) they played Lot Of Leavin' first. It was a great mix of songs as the night went on.
At one point he told the crowd as he pointed down to the front row that he wanted to do a song for his fan club. That these fans "fly all over the country to come to his shows" and he wanted to thank them for doing that. He then started to play "Good Things Happen" which is rare for him to do live! As he got to the last verse, he sang this: "good things happen....when the Congress is around" and pointed right in our direction. That was the highlight of the weekend for me! Then they did a bluegrass set and finished the night with Folsom.
A great weekend that I will NOT soon forget!

DB Congress Rep


  1. sounds like a lot of fun David!! Wish I were there and thanks for sharing!

  2. Great review David!. I know you guys had a great time. Granny Ann

  3. Wow David, Sounds like you had another great show. Two no less. What a great review. Thanks for sharing and Merry Christmas...Dawn

  4. awww that's awesome what a special highlight!!!!
    Great review David u are such a wonderful support for DB!!

  5. Thanks all - and thanks Renee for the kind words!
    I need to include something that was in the original review on fb/dierksfans before the edit on here:
    Thanks Holly and Janet for keeping me "in check" while I was in sin city.
    And it was great to see some old friends as well as to meet some new ones!
    Those two lines are very important to me - Thanks! :)

  6. And this picture was actually taken in Libertyville,IL. not in Vegas. Just wanted to clarify.

  7. Awesome! So happy to hear Dierks appreciated your traveling so far.

  8. Great review! I so should have been there!!! Dang it! LOL. I'm so glad you had such a great time! Dierks is the best! That's so awesome he did that dedication to the fan club! I would have loved to have heard that live!