Sunday, August 15, 2010

DB Congress Rep Rocks With Bentley to Billy Idol's Rebel Yell

"Just saw Billy F. Idol, and rocking out in the seat next to me was Dierks Bentley!"
That quote on Monica Mcmaken's Facebook caught my eye, and then I saw her comment on the DB Congress blog, "Dierks Bentley's Fan/Idol Experience":

"The show was amazing! Dierks ended up next to me. Very surreal to have our fists in the air in time to "Rebel Yell"!"

I had to know more! So I asked her to give DB Congress the scoop. Here's what she told me:

"I had a heart attack when I saw Dierks coming to stand next to me at the show. I didn't see anyone else approach Dierks. I told him I was in his fan club and a member of DB Congress [Arizona Rep] and had been at Jimmy Kimmel. He gave me a BIG hug. I also told him I had gotten a phone call earlier in the day from a friend that I had told to join his fan club and she called me to thank me because she already has won a Meet and Greet. I then said, 'I know you are a music fan and are here to enjoy the show and I won't bother you.'"

You can't stop there, Monica! That had to be so surreal for you! So what did he say after that? Wasn't Brian Layson his guitar player with him?

"Yes and his manager, Chris. My friend was a little tipsy and wanted to change spots with me to talk to Dierks and I said, 'No, not during the show.'"

Good for you standing your ground! I would have been the same way--not wanting to bother him. I agree it was a dream come true for you! So did Dierks say anything else to you during or after the show?

"I wanted to take a photo of him enjoying the show but didn't want to bother him. I did ask them if they wanted drinks but they said no. After, we got a quick photo and he was leaving but I talked to Chris and Brian. I told Brian I was DB Congress and he repeated it to Chris! I wish Dierks would have stayed to get a pic with Billy. I wondered why he didn't stick around to meet Billy."

"I still have the biggest grin on my face because I still can't believe I was right next to Dierks. OMG! Just thinking about it, I melt! Crazy stuff. You could only dream about this! I was worried about posting that Dierks was at the Billy Idol show but then I saw his Twitter about it."

"I still am in shock! I loved the show but I loved even more that Dierks was right next to me. I bumped arms with him quite a few times because I'm up dancing and clapping during a show."

Bill Idol, the legendary 80s rock rebel, took the stage at 8 pm at the Pechanga Resort & Casino’s Showroom Theater on August 13, 2010. The show featured longtime partner and guitarist Steve Stevens. Fans heard some new tunes, along with favorites like “Rebel Yell,” “Mony Mony,” “White Wedding” and “Dancing With Myself.”

Dierks will perform for Arizona State University students on Tuesday night, August 17. Admission is free with your ASU ID and one guest. Both of Monica's kids go to ASU, so looks like she'll be seeing Dierks again real soon, only this time in her home state!


  1. Jill aka DearpieSun Aug 15, 08:47:00 PM

    Woohooo! What a perfect night for you!! And to read that Dierks will be performing at ASU on Tuesday. I KNEW he'd be in town this week, between all his "near by" shows! If it weren't the first night of my bowling league, I'd definitely grab one of my ASU friends and make them take me!!! Now it's killing me. LOL

  2. Wow, what an experience to enjoy the music with Dierks! Nice he had some down time to just hang out and relaxed. Great photo and article. Dawn

  3. I'm still smiling from Friday night and it's Monday morning! Pinch me!