Saturday, August 14, 2010

Dierks Bentley's Fan / Idol Experience

Dierks Bentley's tour schedule usually has him performing every Thursday through Sunday night of late. So when Friday the 13th was not listed, I started he superstitious? Or does the time difference and travel to California from Tennessee require a day in between? Come to find out, it was actually a matter of 'idol' chatter.

Apparently, Billy Idol was in town and Dierks was forced to go through a normal "fan" experience to try to see the artist whose poster covered his wall when Dierks was a teen-ager. Check out his Facebook/Tweets from yesterday:

"so this is what it's like to be on the outside. not cool."

"tried the ole "you guys like country music?" to @billyidol crew out by buses... "nope". not looking good!"

"Joann is my hero!!!"

"success @billyidol. makes me appreciate all our fans go thru to come to our shows. thx"

We do go through a lot sometimes, but it's ALWAYS worth it to see you, Dierks! Sorry you had to experience that but we appreciate you sharing! Love your sense of humor!

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