Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Greetings From Dierks Fan In Switzerland

Andrea Bissegger traveled all the way from Switzerland to experience the CMA Music Festival in Nashville, Tennessee in June 2010. She was hoping Dierks Bentley would have a fan club party.

"I was lucky and very happy he gave one (Last Call Ball 6 Concert at the Limelight)! It was awesome. It was my first time meeting Dierks and hopefully more meet and greets will follow. My Mum discovered Dierks first, when I heard songs from him, I liked them right away. He is my favorite artist and I joined his Fan Club to be up to date for any concerts which I might attend. Dierks mentioned at the Limelight [Meet and Greet] when he heard that I'm from Switzerland, that he would come to Switzerland to have a concert soon. I really hope he will!"

When asked how she promotes Dierks in Switzerland, she replied, "In times of Facebook, this is for sure one of the best and fastest ways to promote him."

Her favorite songs are "Free And Easy Down The Road I Go" and "Trying To Stop Your Leaving."

Welcome to the DB Congress family, Andrea!

1 comment:

  1. Andrea if Dierks says he is going to do something then it gets done.

    He promised me that he would come to Australia and within two years he was here...he is amazing.

    You will get Dierks in Switzerland...