Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Dierks On The List To Look Out For

Jessica Cornett put Dierks Bentley on a list years ago--for those to be on the lookout for--after seeing him open for Del McCoury at The Station Inn. She has an interesting interpretation of the new single, Draw Me A Map.

New Music Monday: Dierks Bentley - Draw Me a Map
August 16th, 2010 11:26 pm

Back before he was making a scene filling arenas and making music videos on tv, Dierks Bentley was performing gigs at the legendary Station Inn in Nashville, TN. It was during one of those nights that I first learned of this talented artist. He was opening up for the Del McCoury Band. I quickly took note of his name and put it on a list of those to be on the lookout for. It wasn't two months later he was asking "what was I thinking" on CMT.

Fast forward several years of albums, concerts, and an induction to the famous Grand Ole Opry, Dierks Bentley would soon go back to his roots. He would infuse bluegrass with country with his own twist.

The second release off of Dierks' latest album, Up On the Ridge, is "Draw Me a Map." It features the background vocals of Alison Krauss. The heartfelt tune can take on several meanings. One of those would be losing someone you loved deeply who has left the relationship. You want to know what you did to bring them back to you and hopefully make things work for the better.

A few can relate to the song if someone in their life has passed away and you are needing direction to live without them. You hope one day to join them in the heaven's above.

What works for Dierks Bentley and "Draw Me a Map" is that his song presentation is with simplicity and meaning. He excels in portraying the message into a deeper emotion.

Be sure to call, email, tweet, text and facebook your local DJs and on yes.com and request Draw Me A Map every day!


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  1. Thanks for sharing Ronna, I have emailed my dj's about Dierks new single.