Sunday, August 22, 2010

Dierks Can't Tell The Truth on 'The Thread'

Dierks Bentley's focus this week is highlighting the lying songs of country music. His weekly radio show, The Thread on The Legend, 650 AM WSM, originally aired on Monday, August 16, 2010 titled, "Can't Tell The Truth." Listen here.

Partial Play List:

~Blame It On Your Heart - Patty Loveless

~Your Lyin' Eyes - The Eagles
~I'd Lie To You For Your Love - The Bellamy Brothers
~I Lied - Trisha Yearwood
~A Tender Lie - Restless Heart

"Doesn't matter what age you are, or what generation you're from or what kind of country music you sing, everyone's got a song about not being able to tell the truth," Dierks tells his listeners.

~Beautiful Lie - Jean Shepard (The song is from 1955, the same year Jean was inducted into The Grand Ole Opry--50 years before Bentley would become a Member, October 1, 2005. If that's not a 'thread' connecting past to present, how about the fact that Jean's birthday--November 21 is one day after Dierks', November 20.

~White Liar - Miranda Lambert
~It's Lying Time Again - Mel Tillis

"What a great stretch of songs...Jean Shepard, Miranda Lambert, Mel Tillis...really running the guantlet of country music stars and history. Mel's a funny guy...his true stories are funnier than any joke he could make up to stretch or lie about...his life in general the stories he's made just being out there on the road make for some of the funniest stories I've ever heard."

~Lying In Love With You - Jim Ed Brown
~Baby I Lied - Deborah Allen
~You Lied - Reba McIntire

"Doesn't it seem like in country music somebody's always lying?" asked Dierks.

"There's been some great songwriters in country music, but Bill Anderson is one of the greatest, has had hits in so many different decades now...and continues to be such a powerful force...and the reason for that is he knows what country music is all about, he just records the truth and writes a simple lyric that says so much. I think he does that in this song":

~The Truth Is, I Lied - Bill Anderson

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