Wednesday, August 25, 2010

"Draw me a Map" Makes its Debut

“The wistful ‘Draw Me A Map’ ranks
among Bentley’s most poignant ballads,
with its aching lead vocal performance.”
- Paste

"’Draw Me a Map’ finds Bentley softly pining for a route
back to his lost lover's doorstep, those clarion pipes
sounding more genuine than ever.”
- Washington Post

"All in all, it’s one of the most earnest and tuneful “I’m sorry’s” you’ve ever heard. “Help me find the road you’re on,” he sings, “I just need directions home.” If this clueless cad has a chance at patching up his woman’s heart, a gently-rolling melody and a gentleman’s apology is a fine place to start."
- The 9513 (Thumbs Up Review!)

With two weeks of early radio adds under its belt, Dierks Bentley's newest single "Draw me a Map" makes its debut on the Billboard Chart, coming in at #60. It's just on the outside of debuting on the published Mediabase Chart (at #66 this week), and should make its debut there next week. As with "Up on the Ridge," though, "Map" is getting quite a bit of its early help from the two smaller-market charts: On Billboard's Indicator chart, it actually debuted last week at #57 -- and this week it jumped TWENTY spots to #37! And on Mediabase's Activator chart, it debuted this week at #46.

Although it officially went for adds on Monday, it was the 5th most-added song on Mediabase's panel (15 adds), 6th-most added on Billboard's panel (10), and it was the 3rd most-added on Billboard's Indicator panel (which now includes satellite radio) with 18 new adds! Make sure you're calling your radio stations to ask for this great, critically-acclaimed song! Vote for it on your local countdowns! Get on! Creat demand! And if your station is one of the ones that's already picked it up, make sure you're saying thank you, too.

Let's draw our Prez a map ... straight to #1!

~ Carrie S. (DBC Rep/Chart Reporter ~ NC)


  1. I was bugging our 7 p.m.-midnight DJ about playing it on "New Tune Tuesday", & he claimed they don't have it yet - UGH! Meanwhile I'll continue to bug our line dance guy (who's on the air earlier in the day) in person. He liked "Ridge" & played that a lot for me. Maybe he'll play this one, too - if they ever get it.

  2. A little bird told me WFUS in Tampa is the number one station in the country with the highest "Map" spins, but I have yet to hear it on that station or WQYK. I know they both have it--believe me I've called daily! Ugh! is right! I did see on the song was #49 on their breakout chart!

  3. Carrie S. (Little Bird)Thu Aug 26, 10:32:00 PM

    Ronna, WFUS is playing it twice daily, and I'd guess that one of those spins is currently overnight.

    Jane, it just went for adds officially on Monday. I'd surmise that most stations will "have" it (ie it's been downloaded) within a week or two, but some stations won't really spin it until it goes Top 30. Which I think it will. :)