Saturday, August 7, 2010

Radio Reply of the Week!

While searching for Dierks on bluegrass radio stations online last week, I came across and found songs from Bentley's Up On The Ridge CD, so I sent a comment thanking them for playing Dierks! Here's their reply:

"Ronna - I really appreciate you taking the time to e-mail me, and thanks for listening to radioio.

I program radioio’s country suite of channels. I have all of Dierk’s hits in rotation on “radioio Today’s Country,” and I have added most of the tracks from “Up On The Ridge” to “radioio Bluegrass.”

It’s great when a talented artist such as Bentley stretches out and does something a little different. It has paid off, since Bentley’s album sits atop Billboard’s Bluegrass and Country album charts. And I’m glad to see mainstream country radio embracing the single as well.

I wish you continued success with the Congress. And thanks again for taking the time to write."


Pop & Country Suite Music Director

Thanks again, Eddie! We really appreciate all your support of our "president", Dierks Bentley!

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