Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Meet Alacia, or you might know her as DierksisHOT7 within the dierks.com community.
She is a new representative from Utah!

Alacia's favorite DB song is Long Trip Alone.

When asked what DB album is her favorite Alacia said,
"Its a tie between Long Trip Alone and Feel That Fire."

She has been a DB fan since hearing "What Was I Thinkin'" when Dierks was new to Country music. Alacia thought he was so cute and so she bought the cd.

"His songs are so great and I noticed he wrote a majority of them and I just became a huge fan. Then, I saw him live and that sold me on him and I have been a huge fan ever since."

This is what Alacia does to promote DB:
"I wear his shirts all the time, I tell everyone I know about him, put his music on Myspace, and buy all his cd's. I also tell everyone I know to watch TV when he is on.Ha ha."

Alacia said that she is a huge fan and supports Dierks anyway she can.

"I love country music and I love Dierks' music."

Alacia, Welcome to The DB Congress!

-Amanda Morris(DBC Secretary, Mississippi Rep.)


  1. Welcome, Alacia!! Great to have you here.

  2. Welcome, Alacia! Long Trip Alone is my fave too!
    Keep up the great work supporting our Dude!