Sunday, May 3, 2009


Feature TLB member of the week...

Robbie Harrington, better known as the bass guitarist for Dierks Bentley, is typically a straight-faced player, who rarely smiles. I have taken hundreds of photos at dozens of live concerts in the last few years--mostly of Dierks, but if I am positioned on Robbie's side of the stage, I try to catch Robbie having a good time. I have witnessed a slight sparkle in the eye, maybe a wink, an occaisional hop--but rarely a smile!

Referred to as a "flexible power player" by freelance writer Jimmy Leslie, Robbie Harrington hails from Las Vegas (Los Angeles?) and moved to Nashville about ten years ago. With a background in heavy rock, he toured five years with pop country artist Keith Urban before totally transitioning to contemporary/traditional country with Dierks Bentley. When asked how he approached the change he said, "You have to listen carefully to the vocal—to the story—for what can seem like random added or missing beats in order to suit the lyrical cadence. Learning that has helped me work with Dierks."

Harrington can be heard playing Space Bass on Life On The Run, from Dierks' Feel That Fire CD. He also lends his vocals during the live performance of this rocker-feel song. I love the part where Dierks sings, "Here they come now, gotta lay low", then Robbie chimes in "low, low, low, low." Although the liner note lyrics say "whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa." Another bass credit goes to Robbie for Better Believer, also on Feel That Fire.

But the biggest feather in his cap comes from the previous DB studio album, Long Trip Alone. Robbie tells Jimmy Leslie last year how a mistake helped him co-write (with Rod Janzen) the opening riff for Free And Easy (Down The Road I Go), which landed at #1 on the Billboard Country chart in 2008.

How does your gear inform your tone and your playing?
"I use a gigantic rig to get a huge sound, and I simultaneously run a guitar amp for distortion. I’m a total gear nerd. Oddly enough, I was helping fix the guitar player’s amp when we ended up co-writing the opening riff for the current single, “Free and Easy.” My biggest hope right now is for that song to take off, because this is the coolest gig I’ve ever had." (I think your hope came true--big time, Robbie!)

Recently, Robbie was caught between songs having a good time in Mahnomen, MN April 24, 2009 (photo credit MonaP). I think it has something to do with the fact that he is now closer to the front of stage and actually singing backup vocals during the live show.

Robbie the Robot, Guitar Gear Nerd or Rocker-Dude turned country boy? Time to vote! Leave a comment with your thoughts! Hey Robbie--ya there? You can vote on yourself, too!


  1. Awwww love to see Robby smile! Thanks for this blog Ronna!

  2. This was an awesome blog! :) Loved the picture Mona sent in! It is nice to see Robby smile! I think I have seen him smile 1 other time before! haha

  3. Nice blog, Ronna. Robby's a good thing (rare but good!)

  4. Thank you for telling us Robbie's story. I am so glad he had that "accident", F&E is an awesome song!

  5. robbie rocks!!!!!!

    although, he and his family are from los angeles not las vegas. the bass player magazine must have had a typo.

  6. what an amazing, talented bass player!!!

    please give us more updates and photos of robbie!!!!

  7. i agree with mittens - please write more about robbie - the awesome, extraordinary bass player :)

  8. happy to see this blog on robbie! i wish that they would include more about the band (esp. robbie) on the fan club site!!

    they are all up on stage working and sweating their arsses off everynight!!

    love Free and Easy Down the Road I Go...its my favorite song of theirs!

  9. Hey Robbie. Great to see ya. Give me a call so we can catch up. Your mom has my #. Take care...Michael Clark

  10. Robbie is from Texas.i know his dad well.

  11. We want Robbie back in the band!!!! It's definitely not the same without him...the band sounds and looks different. Get Robbie back!!!!!!!

  12. Robbie is from Texas, He has a younger sister Mandi, I believe is her name and older brother Rodney. I know for a fact he is not from California, he moved there from Texas with his band Stone Heart after high school.

  13. Yes he is from Joshua, Texas. He used to draw pictures of what his Stone Heart logo would look like in Biology class. That was 10th grade. He promised Jacqueline and me that he'd buy us a cheeseburger if he ever hit it big. Still waiting...(lol).

    1. Yes he was in class of 88, His brother Rodney should have graduated wit me in 86. See Joshua produced a famous person, go OWLS'

  14. You should see his sister, you might think them twins and she is smokin to say the least. Hard to find info on his family though.