Sunday, April 25, 2010


Dierks Bentley made the May-June issue of American Songwriter magazine--in 2009 he was the cover; now, in 2010, Dierks is the instrument that got Evan Schlansky to listen to country music.
"When I wrote in a previous column that I didn't listen to country, I got a few comments from concerned country music-listening citizens. 'For the love of God,' they said, 'at least listen to Dierks Bentley.'"
That was Evan's opening line in his Sounding Off article, "You Can Take The Boy Out Of The Country...A Genre By Any Ather Name."

I want to thank all the DB Congress reps who wrote to Evan, in response to his earlier plea to help him pick the Best Country Artist. It worked! Schlansky had no idea who to pick for the Best Country Artist: "Sadly, I don't listen to enough country music to say. So why don't y'all write me a letter and tell me who you think it is."

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Photo Credit: American Songwriter's May/June cover artist Dierks Bentley signing at our [2009 CMA Fest] booth (from AS Facebook page).

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