Wednesday, April 28, 2010


After about 5 tweets from DB Congress, our prez responded:

1-Wondering what DB Congress is all about? We are @DierksBentley fan-clubbers who are dedicated to supporting DB on a daily basis!

2-We call, email, tweet, text, and facebook our local radio DJs and vote online for all things Dierks.

3-We promote our president (DB) at concerts or just around town.

4-We started our own website to showcase our Current Campaigns, list all our DBC Reps and blog every tidbit of Mr. Bentley we can find!

5-Ready to join us? Check out all the details here and here


DierksBentley: "@dbcongress and I love you for doing it. in this town, miss my bro though. will have to rock (I mean, pick) in his honor #fb"

Our pleasure, dude! You're why we do what we do! Luv ya!

After the show...

"for my brother fife, me and everyone in Athens GA loves you bro and misses you #fb"


  1. i love that pic....nothing like the love of family!!! So happy he tweeted dbcongress back and showed much appreciation :)
    awesome xxo

  2. That's great! Shout out to his bro! Fife is an interesting name, not unlike Dierks! lol